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Valerie Janes


Full disclosure: Valerie Janes grew up with three brothers. She was picked on, fiercely protected, and defended (or deflected) more than her fair share of her brothers’ high jinks. (Ask her about the pillow her younger brother caulked to the basement walls.)


So when it comes to negotiating, rallying, and advocating for a logo, illustration, or brand strategy that helps our clients leap wisely and reach farther, Valerie is your unshakable ally.

Your CYP Moment?

Taking this job. When I saw this opportunity at Springboard Creative, I knew I had to work with Kevin and the team. Kevin
is passionate about what he’s doing and everything around
him. I wanted to be part of that.



Flight Path

Valerie is eight years old—and, in her own historical words, one of those annoying, nerdy artists that seems to effortlessly outdraw, outpaint, and outillustrate her fellow grade schoolers. She’s grown up with full access to her mother’s well-stocked craft supplies, Styrofoam balls, wood blocks, every shade of acrylic paint—all the tools to make manifest the fantasies of an active imagination.


That year, at eight years old, child artist turns arts professional. Valerie enters a drawing, a pop-culture interpretation of American Gothic with Garfield and Odie, in an art competition. She takes first place. And her mother, an accomplished and published artist, tells her, “You know, you can do this as career.”.

Valerie Posing with her dog Monroe (left) and a section from an illustration (right)



Skipping the adolescent dalliances of tomb raider, celebrity debutante, spy or mutant ninja warrior, Valerie’s career path as a full-fledged creative is decided, at the tender age of pretween.


She takes every art class she can, graduates high school with a photography scholarship, exhausts the entire catalog of art classes at Johnson County Community College, and then falls into—or maybe is lead to—graphic design.


It all made sense. Drawing, illustration, the roar of the crowd (often embodied in the baritone of three brothers)—Valerie was meant to wield her skills to deliver passion.



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Career Launch

Networking: Who Knows You?

January 15, 2015