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Nick Howland

Peter Parker
Habitual Go-Getter

A Peter Parker look-alike and arachnid multi-tasker, Nick Howland doesn’t hide his talents behind an alias.


Nick brings everything to the idea wall, ready to draw on his experience as an entrepreneur, illustrator, artist, music blogger, and interactive designer if that means helping one of our clients communicate clearer, connect better, or leap bolder.

Your CYP Moment?

Moving to Kansas City. I didn’t know a single person up here, but I knew that the Kansas City Art Institute was where I wanted to finish my studies. It was terrifying but paid off greatly.



Flight Path

The prairies of Illinois are the setting for Nick’s childhood, at turns and times populated by dinosaurs, a dark knight, and classic rock soundscapes.


Rich with imagination and ripe with passion, Nick quickly exhausted the high school art curriculum, earned his associate’s degree at Godfrey, Illinois’ community college, redesigned his hometown newspaper website, and contributed its first music blog, all before heading west to attend art school in Kansas City.

Nick printing an image via woodblock reduction (left) and part of an illustra-
tion he created for a poster (right)



Like some discovery tale pulled out of a starlet’s myth, Nick was recruited from bookseller at Barnes & Noble to intern and now interactive designer at Springboard Creative when he serendipitously handed Brendan O’Shaughnessy a book on symbolism


A designer and illustrator finishing his degree at the Kansas City Art Institute, Nick lives to draw the line—and then leap over it. And he’s just getting started.



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Career Launch

Networking: Who Knows You?

January 15, 2015