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Brendan O’Shaughnessy

Art Director
Fashion Designer
Equal Opportunity
   Contributor of Serenity
   and Sly Wit

One look at that glorious beard and you can tell, Brendan O’Shaughnessy is not afraid to commit.


Whether he’s designing a new logo or revitalizing a brand, Brendan visualizes the outcome and sees the vision through to the fine details, whether your next trajectory is in print, on the web, or with a fresh sign on your storefront.

Your CYP Moment?

I make a habit of it. Right now, it’s Ocean & Sea, a company I founded with my wife, Amanda. It’s a creative vessel and a chance for us to collaborate on projects and ideas.



Flight Path

It’s December 2011.


Brendan is sitting in a chair opposite Kevin Fullerton at Springboard Creative HQ, in what seems to be another mentor-mentee chat. Three years prior, Brendan had scored a scholarship from the American Advertising Federation–Kansas City, and along with it, Kevin as a mentor.


It’s a true CYP moment in Springboard Creative history—and yet another leap in Brendan’s career.


Brendan launched his first business at the age of 13; his second, at the age of 17. His innate talent took him to University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he graduated at the top of his graphic design class. His entrepreneurial drive won him a $15,000 launch package in the Regnier Family Foundation VCC competition.


Graduating in the grim hours of the recession, Brendan drew on his entrepreneurial instincts to spin economic downturn into career opportunities: he interned, worked at a sign shop, freelanced—and he refined and rounded out his skill set with silk screen printing, sewing, crafting, sign production, product packaging, and nontraditional event design to his already deep experience in design and ongoing passion for entrepreneurship.


And that’s what landed him a seat at Springboard Creative.

Hopeless exhibition (top), working on a print (bottom left), Ocean & Sea sticker (bottom middle) AND T-SHIRT (BOTTOM RIGHT).





Bearded entrepreneurial sage, design savant, or in the words of Springboard compatriot Nick Howland, “sassy dude,” Brendan is never one to split hairs over the value of his diverse experience and entrepreneurial ventures. At the crux and core: a willingness to dig in and a steadfast commitment to good design and honest work.



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January 15, 2015