O’Shaughnessy & Howland Win Big at A10 Awards

Kansas City celebrated the 100th year of AIGA and 25th year of Kansas City’s local AIGA Chapter on Saturday night through the A10 Design Gala & Exhibition.


In addition to new student scholarship recipients and AIGA-KC’s recently honored Kansas City Fellow, Springboard Creative’s Brendan O’Shaughnessy (art director) and Nick Howland (designer) collectively won three awards for outstanding achievements in design. O’Shaughnessy won for his motion graphics project, Out of Focus (shown below) and Howland won two student entries, including a Juror’s Choice Award, for Decode and Stature (seen below).


To quote judge Nessim Higson, “I think the student entries may have impressed me more than the professional pieces. Hear that K.C. pros? Watch the f^%$ out!” (In regards to Howland’s Decode entry.)

O'Shaugnessy's Out Of Focus.

Howland's Stature poster and typeface.

Howland's Decode book (winner of Juror's Choice award).