Cleveland advertising agency owners and leaders invited AAF-KC president Kevin Fullerton (Springboard Creative) and former board member George Weyrauch (Barkley Blacktop) to speak to them about the Kansas City advertising industry and the strong sense of cooperation that exists among the agencies.


Fullerton and Weyrauch shared several facts with the Cleveland leaders, including:

Per capita, Kansas City creates more advertising than all but two cities

Kansas City boasts the largest collection of independent advertising agencies

Kansas City is ranked fifth when it comes to the number of creative jobs in the city

Kansas City’s top 25 agencies have a gross income of $400 million and employ almost 3,000 people


Besides sharing Kansas City’s story, Fullerton and Weyrauch also answered Cleveland advertising leaders’ questions about how they can achieve some of the things that Kansas City’s advertising community has achieved.


“It was an honor to be invited by the leaders of the Cleveland advertising community to speak to them,” said Fullerton. “They are as passionate about their community as we are about our’s. I look forward to following up to see their continued progress.”