career Launch SEPT 15, 2014

Never Stop Looking

“Man, I nailed that interview. The job is mine. I don’t need to keep applying for jobs.”

I’m trying to throw you off. I don’t want interview-you. I want real-you.


Not only wrong, but #*$%ing wrong.


While on the job hunt never, ever and I mean EVER halt the process while waiting to hear from that job you just know you’re going to get.


Why this is dangerous – See previous answer.


Remember, no matter how comfortable you are with that person, or how casual they seem in their questioning, they are sizing you up. Comparing you to others. Determining if they can spend 8-10 hours a day working with you. Never, ever, ever let your guard down.


I’m not telling you to be fake. I’m telling you to be professional – and in control of how you are representing yourself.


Because I may be all smiles and jokes, but I’m still evaluating you for a job.