Career Launch April 15, 2014

Know Who, Or What, You Are

“I can be a designer. Or a writer. Or I’d even be willing to start as an account executive.”


“Thank you. We’ll let you know.”


You know you’re not going to hear back from them, right? At least nothing more than the we’ll-keep-your-resume-on-file letter.


Given the choice between hiring someone who is passionate about being a designer (or writer) and someone who is willing to be a designer (or writer), who do you think the creative director is going to hire? We want someone who can’t even imagine doing anything else.


Don’t get me wrong, we’re after someone well-rounded. When I graduated, I was a designer who worked as a photographer and did a bit of writing. But design was my passion. I knew what I wanted. But I also brought extra skills to the table.


Be focused, but well-rounded. Know what you want to do, while still dabbling in everything you can. Be a person who is passionate about what you do, but don’t limit yourself to one interest.


Contradictory? Maybe. But it’s what we want. It’s what will get you the job.