career Launch MAY 15, 2015

Increase Your Odds of Landing an Interview

Want to increase your chances of obtaining an interview? Hand deliver your resume.


Items that arrive via delivery, rather than mail, are usually opened first. They’re seen by the recipient as more important.


You can also do a little reconnaissance. You’ll get a sense of their environment while sneaking a peak at their dress code so you know what to wear if you’re called for an interview (just don’t judge them by what they wear on Fridays).


Also, it’s a chance to make a good first impression on someone very important – the receptionist. He or she can make it easier to get through to people; or more difficult. Always, always, always treat the receptionist with respect.


Who knows? You may even bump into the person doing the hiring. If so, just say a quick hello, tell them the information is inside the envelope and let them know you’ll follow up when it’s more convenient for them. Respect their time and they’ll respect you.


A little extra effort can make all the difference in landing that all-important interview.