O'Shaughnessy Launches Ocean & Sea

Brendan O'Shaughnessy stays active; even in his free time.


On the side, Brendan, his wife Amanda and their Irish Setter, Flynn, immerse themselves in creativity through their newly created company, Ocean & Sea.


Ocean & Sea sells clothing, prints and accessories online and locally in Kansas City at Westside Storey (1701 Summit, Kansas City, MO 64108).


Ocean & Sea was established in 2013 as a creative vessel for Brendan & Amanda O’Shaughnessy.

Starting January 1st, they committed themselves to a daily creative project called Daydreams where they post five times a week their imaginations to the world. The purpose is two-fold: to grow their respective skills in design, illustration, photography and video, while creating context to market the new brand. Follow along on Instagram or any of their other social channels to track ongoing progress.


Look out for new releases and ongoing events this summer that will expand the product line. We'll keep you updated here as well.